FormSWISS Exhibition in Kobe

&form, Photography: Sadao Hotta, Ryuji Nakamura


Following the great success of the exhibition in Tokyo,”formSWISS” travels this spring to Kobe!

This design exhibition focuses on Swiss visual communication, design thinking, and the Swiss designers’ way of life. Switzerland has been a global driving force globally in the development of modern and contemporary design. How does Switzerland’s lifestyle shape its creative scene? From work-life balance to environment and culture, what can we learn from the Swiss ways of living and designing?

FormSWISS explores these links of kinship and introduce works of Swiss graphic design, typography and motion graphics. It also include a series of interviews with designers, schools and museums realized in Switzerland by the Form team. In addition, several special collaboration products featuring the Swiss designers are available at the exhibition.

Online talks: TALK1 (12th March at 19h00), TALK2 (13th March at 19h00)