ECAL x Tokyo Photographic Research

Sep 6, 2019 - Sep 7, 2019 (PLACE) by method More Information

ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne is regarded internationally as one of the leading platforms for academic and creative undertakings. Part of the Visual Communication Department, The ECAL Photography Department (BA and MA programmes) continuously pushes the boundaries of applied research in contemporary photography with an emphasis on digital, web and network manipulation, new forms of books, shaping images on various media, interactive exhibition design, up to and including the moving image.

Along these lines, the research project Augmented Photography initiated by Milo Keller, Head of Photography at ECAL, has attracted much attention in the recent years, notably though the publication of a statement book.

In summer 2019, the ECAL Photography Department returned to Japan with the project “ECAL x Tokyo Photographic Research". Thirteen photography students explored the Japanese metropolis in collaboration with TOKYO PHOTOGRAPHIC RESEARCH. Touching on various aspects of Tokyo including privacy, food, robots, architecture, loneliness, fandom and the Olympic Games, the students’ preliminary works with a small presentation by TOKYO PHOTOGRAPHIC RESEARCH was exhibited during a 2 days pop-up exhibition, on September 6 ‒ 7, 2019 at (PLACE) by method in Shibuya.

In connection to the pop-up exhibition, the 6th edition of Swiss Culture Talk, followed by a casual reception was held on September 6 at (PLACE) by method. ECAL Head of Photography Milo Keller and Taisuke Koyama from TOKYO PHOTOGRAPHIC RESEARCH dialogued around the project’s outline, their own practice, and the intricate relations between visuality and technology. The talk event was attended by 80 guests while the exhibition attracted more than 150 people.