Swiss Fair Autumn 2019 in Oyamazaki

Nov 23, 2019 - Nov 22, 2019 Oyamazaki Furusato Center

As one of the Host Towns of Switzerland on the road to the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Tokyo 2020, Oyamazaki Town will again host an event “Oyamazaki Swiss Fair Autumn 2019” to introduce Swiss culture and promote intercultural exchange.

With a touch of Christmas, a hand bell performance by local children and Alphorn traditional music will fill the air. Citizens of Oyamazaki have the chance to indulge themselves with melted Raclette cheese, hot wine or Swiss confectionery as well as experience make-your-own candles and Scherenschnitt (paper-cutting), organized by the members of the international exchange association. Mr. Pulver, Head of the Culture and Public Affairs of the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan, will present Swiss culture.