"Swiss Design / Made in Japan" Exhibition

© Kenta Hasegawa / © Embassy of Switzerland in Japan

Oct 15, 2019 - Oct 22, 2019 PB-SIDE (5-11-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku Tokyo) More Information


Held on the site of the upcoming House of Switzerland, the exhibition attracted some 2500 visitors to B-Side Jingumae.

What happens when Swiss design innovation meets the excellence and tradition of Japanese craftsmanship? An initiative of the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan, the exhibition ‘Swiss Design / Made in Japan’ brought a fresh perspective to Swiss design by showcasing collaborations between cultures and what each has to offer. On display were items designed by Swiss designers or art directors working with Japanese manufacturers and craftsmen. A selection of products designed in Japan and made in Switzerland was also exhibited. The pieces embody the values of both countries: quality, functionality, sustainability and unobtrusiveness.

Placed under the curatorial and artistic direction of David Glaettli, the exhibition opened at B-Side Jingumae between October 15 and 22 2019. Swiss Design / Made in Japan was part of DESIGNART TOKYO 2019. Sebastian Fehr worked on graphic design and space design was realized by Wataru Kumano.

The location is that of the upcoming House of Switzerland Japan 2020 which will open its doors during the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Tokyo.

Designers on display included Carlo Clopath, Max Bill, Fabrice Eberhard, Philippe Cuendet, Dimitri Bähler, David Glaettli, Kueng Caputo, atelier oï, BIG-GAME, Colin Schälli, Moritz Schlatter, Loris Gomboso, Lucien Gumy and Lukas Streit.

The exhibition was visited by some 2500 people, and was welcomed with praise by media representatives.

Swiss Design / Made in Japan received the support of On Japan, Karimoku New Standard, USM Modular Furniture, Nespresso, Richemont Japan and Victorinox. Additional cooperation: Vitra, Akihiko Kanke, Thomas Merlo and Partner AG, Presence Switzerland and Sakae Stünzi Foundation.