Join us on the road to the Games!

Ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Embassy of Switzerland in Japan wishes to celebrate the ties of friendship between our two countries in all their strength and diversity. "Doors to Switzerland – Japan 2020" is an events and communication program based on three core themes: discovery, innovation and inclusiveness. Just like the Olympic torch travels through the country before the opening ceremony, the program will open many doors to Switzerland in Japan from February 2019 to July 2020, until the House of Switzerland opens its doors in Shibuya.

Three pillars.

Ahead of the “House of Switzerland”, the program Doors to Switzerland – Japan 2020 is presenting 18 months of events and initiatives around the themes discovery, innovation and inclusiveness.


The Discovery pillar consists of the Grand Tour of Switzerland in Japan, a digital map which allows users to browse through places in Japan with a special connection to Switzerland. Information about host towns, sister cities, sister railways or historical figures, among others. The website is available in both English and Japanese languages. The Grand Tour will also take the form of events (Swiss fairs, seminars, exhibitions) organized in collaboration with local partners.


Showcasing projects in fields such as technology, architecture, design, virtual reality or digital art, the Innovation pillar will offer a younger, urban perspective on Switzerland and its creative economy.


With partners such as Cybathlon, the Japanese Red Cross Society, the NPO Support our Kids, the Oita International Wheelchair Marathon and Fukushima City, the Inclusiveness pillar sheds light on Switzerland as a country of humanitarian tradition and diversity which promotes social inclusion and long-term rehabilitation.